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Tasteocracy is for Everyone
All you have to do to join Tasteocracy is create a profile. Then when a new test is announced, answer a handful of questions and, if you’re a good fit, we’ll show you times you can schedule to come join us, and you’ll be part of our community of testers.
The Tasteocracy Experience
Join Tasteocracy
Using our online sign up form, provide your contact information and a small amount of demographic information
Find Taste Tests
To find out about testing opportunities, log in and click on “Available Studies” on your account page.
How To Qualify
We have many testing opportunities, and there will be tests that are right for you.
How To Test
Upon check in, you will be asked to answer a few re-screening questions, similar to those asked in the online qualification survey.
Why Join Tasteocracy?
Welcome to Tasteocracy, where your opinions matter, and your taste buds lead the way. Discover the reasons why becoming a part of our vibrant community is a rewarding experience for both your palate and your insights.​
Tester Frequently Asked Questions
What is Tasteocracy

The Tasteocracy community is part of a bigger picture. The community helps provide information for consumer product testing. Companies across the country depend on testers — as well as the expertise we provide in designing and facilitating scientific tests — to ensure their products appeal to their customers.

We invite regular people just like you to participate in paid product tests and provide their opinions about the product they are testing. Many of the products we test are food products. The majority of our tests take place at a specific location on a specific date. Qualified participants pick testing times that best suit their schedules.

Who is eligible to join the Tasteocracy community?

Anyone age 18 to 65 and living or working within driving distance of our testing locations. Children are welcome but must be signed up by a parent/guardian who is already part of the program. We do have tests for adults over 65, but they are infrequent.

I have food allergies. Am I eligible to join Tasteocracy?

Yes. Those with specific food allergies will have fewer testing opportunities than those who do not have any food allergies, but there are occasionally tests for products that are not food related.

Additionally, we sometimes have tests for products that are being designed for those with specific allergies and sensitivities. Because many of the food products we test are still in design, we can guarantee that they are safe to consume, but we cannot guarantee that they do not contain specific allergens. For example, even though a product might not have peanuts listed as an ingredient, we cannot guarantee that there is not peanut in the test product.

When you are signing up and completing your profile, it is important to properly identify allergies or sensitivities so that we may invite you to screen only for tests that are safe for you.

Can my children test?

Yes! We conduct tests with testers as young as 5 years old. You may register your children by logging into your account and going to PROFILE and clicking on MY HOUSEHOLD. When there is a testing opportunity for your child, it will show up on your available studies page.

When your child is scheduled for something, it will show up on your scheduled tests page. We also conduct paired tests where a parent and child test together.

How do I find out about testing opportunities?

The best way to find out about testing opportunities is to log in to your Tasteocracy account and click on AVAILABLE SURVEYS on your account page. Remember to provide your mobile number and opt in to receive texts, so we can notify you about opportunities that are the best fit for you! We will also announce tests on social media; however, not all tests announced this way will be available to you based on the specific demographic requirements of each test.

We may contact you directly via email, text message (if you have opted in to receive text messages), computerized phone call or one of our Customer Care representatives, but this will not occur for every test for which you are eligible.

If you have not tested in the past 60 days and call our customer care line during normal business hours from the preferred number on your account, you may choose to listen to a select list of currently open studies.

How do I schedule for a test?

After answering all of the questions on a screening survey, if your responses qualify you for participation, you will be directed to the SESSION SELECTOR. If one of the sessions presented works with your schedule, click “Schedule” right next to that session time. You will get an email with the logistical details automatically sent to the email address we have on file. Your dashboard will also display your scheduled session information.

How do I get paid?
  • Single-day tests — You will be handed a check upon the completion of your test session.
  • Multi-day tests — You will be handed a check upon the completion of your last test session.
  • Home-use tests — You will be mailed a check no later than two weeks after your completion of all test requirements.
What is an average payment?

We value your participation and compensate you for your time and opinions. The amount of compensation is related to the length of the test. Tests that have a longer time commitment have a higher compensation amount. All tests average at $40 per hour of participation.

How and when will you contact me?

We contact testers directly via email, phone and text (if opted in). We may contact you to invite you to screen for a test or complete a screening process that is underway, confirm that you are scheduled for a test, remind you of a scheduled test or verify aspects of your tester profile. Tasteocracy also sends a monthly email newsletter conveying important information and announcing upcoming promotions.

Why do I have to give you so much personal information?

Tasteocracy is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our testers. You can be assured that we will never sell or share your personal information and that your responses to survey questions remain confidential and are reported once combined with other testers’ responses.

  • We require personal information such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, gender and email address in order to provide you testing opportunities and to create valid check payments.
  • We require information about allergies and sensitivities so that we can ensure your safety at our tests
  • We request additional demo graphic information such as type of house, income, education, ethnicity so that we can better focus you on the tests for which you are most likely to qualify.
How Does Fundraising With Tasteocracy Work?
Once your organization is signed up, any Tasteocracy member may raise funds for you.
Members have the option to allocate a portion (such as $10) or their full testing payment to an organization.
Every month your organization has raised at least $50, we’ll mail a check to the address on file.
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