About Tasteocracy

About Tasteocracy


Tasteocracy is for everyone

We are people from all walks of life who reside in or near the Twin Cities in Minnesota or the Tri Valley/East Bay area outside San Francisco, California, who come together to give their opinions on new and existing products. All you have to do to join Tasteocracy is create a profile. Then when a new test is announced, answer a handful of questions and, if you’re a good fit, we’ll show you times you can schedule to come join us, and you’ll be part of our community of testers.

Tasteocracy is an experience

Our testers sample food, beverages, dietary supplements and more in a controlled environment. Kids — or, as we like to call them, Taste Buds — are welcome too! Tests are confidential and often independent, though some focus groups are, by nature, interactive. Most taste tests last 30 to 50 minutes, and members earn extra cash ($35 or more) in exchange for their valuable feedback.

Tasteocracy is a movement

Everyone’s opinion matters. The feedback from our testers can influence products in development, or change existing products you purchase, meaning our community contributes to what ends up on store shelves. We’re always looking for new members to join the Tasteocracy community!

Join Tasteocracy today!

You are eligible to join the Tasteocracy community if:

  • You live in the Twin Cities Metro Area in Minnesota or in the Tri Valley/East Bay area in California — The majority of our tests require your physical presence. If you live outside of our testing area you may still sign up, but you can expect to have to travel to one of our testing locations. You can find our testing locations here.
  • You are between 18 and 65 years old — Each test has its own parameters for age and other factors, but many fall within the 18 to 65 range. Kids can test too, but their parent must sign up as a tester first. Adults over 65 are still be eligible to test, though we have limited opportunities for this age group.
  • You don’t have any food allergies — This is for your safety and ours! Those with allergies to food may sign up, since we occasionally have tests that are not food related, but your opportunities will be limited. See our frequently asked questions for more information on food allergies.
  • You don’t work for a marketing, market research or food/beverage company.