Required Forms

Consent and Confidentiality Forms

Prior to participating in a test, all testers are asked to complete a Consent and Confidentiality Form. This form is completed during the check in process for a test. Minors require a signature from a parent or guardian.  

If your child is participating in a test, but you will not be bringing them to the test location, please print out the form below. Complete the form and have your child bring it to the test to turn in to the host at check-in. A completed form is necessary for your child's participation.

Consent Form and Confidentiality Agreement

Tax Payer Identification Form

It is possible to earn several hundreds of dollars in a year of testing with FPI.  By law, if your earnings are over $600, we need to report these earnings to the IRS.  Before participating in a test that will put you over that threshold, we will request that you submit the W9 form.  Any tester signed up as an Express Tester will also have to submit the W9 form.  Read more about our Express Testing Panel. 

W-9 Form